No Setup Costs!  We Help Sports Organizations Profit the Most from their Footage.

The Reasons You’ll Love It:

Stream Anytime

Stream from a GoPro, Cell Phone, Tablet on good Wifi or cellular connection. Your subscribers can watch on all major devices & computers as well as on your own Roku Channel!

Even on your TV!

In addition to your own Roku Channel, you can even cast the TV channel from your phone to the big screen over Wifi. Just make sure your device allows for airplay to your TV.

Stream Anywhere

We provide you with the amount of streams needed to fit your school, club or organization so you can stream in-house or on the road. Cell phones work great for outdoor settings.

Stay Connected

No matter where families live or where they may have to travel, they don’t have to miss a game, match, or practice with our streaming!

Record & Share

14-day recorded content allows you to rewatch and capture your highlights on your own page. Share your highlights with college coaches, friends, or family members.


We give you the tools to protect your intellectual property rights without compromising on the convenient and high-quality experience your viewers expect.

Your Own Roku Channel!

We include your own Roku Channel with our service! Families can enjoy your live and on-demand footage from their home sofa! Let's go global!


Our infrastructure was built specifically to provide the highest quality, most reliable live streaming possible, so event streaming is where we excel.

Cancel & Join Anytime

There is no long-term commitment required. Your subscribers can cancel at any time. To cancel our service completely, we only require a 30 day notice.

Protect Your Stream

Each viewer who connects to the stream via legitimate means is assigned a unique, temporary URL that cannot be replicated or used to play the stream on any other device.

Free Accounts for College Coaches

Use streaming as a recruiting tool! A College Coach can make a free account to watch all content & clip highlights future prospects.

Share Your Video

Want a college coach to watch your practice or match, let them know they can set up a free account and watch you play!

Your Own Roku Channel is Included!

Your streaming just got upgraded! Get ready for “Your Sports Organization TV” Roku Channel! Your customers can login with their account on your Roku Channel!



Digital Distribution


Knowledge Is Power

Understanding viewer behavior enables you to make smart decisions to build your business. The Analytics Suite provides the tools to optimize your services based on detailed viewer behavior and system performance. The Analytics Suite includes a wealth of data and statistics, which include:

  • Real-time and historical viewer numbers and graphs.
  • Views by device type (e.g. PC/Mac, iOS, Android).
  • Multiple graphical displays that show metrics such as daily hits, number of unique users, and viewer hours.
  • Geographical breakdowns.
  • Revenue reports, subscriber numbers, video purchases, and other monetization data.
  • Aggregate and granular bandwidth usage over time.

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